Why Fiber Optics?

is easily the fastest internet in Wisconsin!

Superior Speed

QOS Fiber provides fiber optics all the way to your building which enables us to deliver superior speeds, near bulletproof reliability, as well as symmetrical upload and download speeds. The local cable company cannot offer this! We deliver these services at a very competitive price.

High Quality

Fiber Optic cables deliver data, video and voice services hundreds of times faster, and more reliably, than DSL, cable or wireless systems.

Don't Be Fooled

The cable providers and phone companies operate networks that may be partially fiber optics, but they use old copper technology to deliver your services the last mile to your house. This is why you see network slowdowns and bottlenecks during peak usage times.

Make Your Home Stand Out

Less than 2% of the homes in the US have a fixed fiber optic connection directly to the home. Join the ranks of the elite and sign up for QOS Fiber today!

Increase Home Value

Homes that have a fiber optic connection have an average increased value of $5000 according to the DVA survey.

Better Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables have almost limitless bandwidth capabilities that allow massive amounts of data to flow at the speed of light directly to your home or business!